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Restructuring of production and commercial activity

In order to respond adequately to the developing economic environment "CHIMIPLAST" JSC undertook organizational restructuring of its production and trade activities. The newly established
”INTEGRITY PLASTICS” JSC will develop the production of polyethylene pipes in the existing enterprise in Vratsa.
The production will be available under the well-known trademark "CHIMIPLAST".
"Integrity Plastics" JSC is already certified by TUV Rheinland Cert GmbH under the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015.
The produced pipes for water, gas supply and for protection of optical cables have the certificates of conformity required by the regulations.
Product Certificates can be downloaded from the "Certificates" submenu.

"Chimiplast" expands its production capacity

Recently "Chimiplast” modernized its production lines. Through this modernization, the range of the HDPE pipes was expanded up to DN315 mm size, PN10 and PN16. After successfully passing the tests conducted by the certification authorities, the certificate was expanded to also include groups with dimensions 1, 2 and 3

Uncompromising quality control

  • The quality control of the raw materials and finished products is performed in a specially equipped laboratory under strictly maintained hygiene, cleanliness, temperature and humidity
  • The laboratory equipment includes machines and devices for testing of the chemical and physical parameters of the raw materials and finished products
  • The quality control is carried out in compliance with the European norms and regulations and the ISO
  • The physical and chemical parameters of the raw materials are checked for each batch
  • The geometrical and physical parameters of the output are a subject of control both during the production process and after the production is finished
  • All test results are recorded and stored in compliance with the implemented system of quality control ISO 9001:2008
Laboratory tests for conformity of raw materials
They are carried out for each batch of raw material and the batch is allowed in the production process only if it meets the test parameters.
• melt flow index control (MFI),
• density;
• humidity percentage;
• Oxidative Induction Time (OIT)
Laboratory production test
·                    The appearance, color and geometric characteristics (diameter, ovality, wall thickness ) are tested every two hours;
Tensile testing – every 24 hours;
·                    Weekly endurance tests for hydrostatic strength at 80°С, for 165 hours;
Once a yearendurance tests for hydrostatic strength at 80°С, for 1000 hours;
Each new pipe dimension, as well as each new raw material delivery are controlled on production startup
-          Pressure endurance at 20°C,for 100 hours
Tensile strength
-          Tear resistance
-          Temperature stability
-          Melt flow index

"Chimiplast" put into operation a new production line

The increased demand for the “Chimiplast” products constituted the expansion of production capacity of the company. A new production line for smooth PE pipes was put into operation in cooperation with our Italian partners. The equipment is manufactured by the renowned Italian company "Bausano". The capacity of the new production line is 400 kg / h and allows the production of the most popular pipe diameters in the range of 20-315 mm.

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